Issue material that does not ask for a job


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In my company we are starting to implement Epicor 10, and we want to issue stock material to a job, but it is an extra material, someone knows How to issue material to a job without the job requesting it?

I would greatly appreciate your help.


You can use the

Material Management -> General Operations -> Issue Material

But the Job has to have at least one Material assigned, then you can issue any parts that you use to that Mtl Seq.

To view what has been issued to the job, use the Job Tracker and look under Job Details -> Materials -> Material Transactions.

A recent thread suggested adding a place holder in the BOM that you can issue material against.

Note that the UOM of the material you wish to issue and the place holder (Or any other BOM mtl you will issue it against) must be compatible

Here it is

Thanks for the info

I have already tried to issue material that is not in the material list of the work from Issue Material, but it only allows me to issue materials that are in the work list.

Yes, you select a material that is in the list first in the TO section.

And in the FROM section, you can use any parts… For example, workers should be allow to choose what materials for the job.

Thanks for the info

Yes, the material that we need to fill is compatible in the unit of measure

Thank you very much, I just issued the material that way and if you allowed me.

I was hesitating because the description of the other material continued to appear but if the material that is selected was issued.


If you look in job tracker, under material transactions, you can see that the other material was issued. The required material on the job still stay at the original part number.

Just curious … Does issuing an “other” material to a job add to the Qty Issued, and potentially set the Issued Complete flag?

For example, imagine a BOM for a job to make 10 Assy’s of:

MtlSeq PartNum Part Desc QtyPer UOM
10 ROPE-250 1/4 IN ROPE 50 FT

You don’t have 10 LB weights but you do have 5 LB ones. But an extra 15 FT of 1/8" rope is required to join two 5’s to make a 10

If issued enough material to make 8, it would be:

MtlSeq PartNum Part Desc QtyPer UOM
10 ROPE-250 1/4 IN ROPE 400 FT
10 ROPE-125 1/8 IN ROPE 120 FT

Line 10 only needed 500 FT, yet 520 FT has been issued, and line 20 needed 20 EA, yet 32 EA were issued.

So does the “Issued Complete” flags get set on lines 10 and 20?

Or does the system only add to the Issued Qty (and set Issued Comp flag) when the originally specified P/N is used?

You can control that check box when you issue the material. It will automatically check it if your qty is above the required, but you can uncheck it if you wish. I’d have to test to see what happens for the second issuing of material.

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I knew there was the box, but wasn’t sure of the logic that automatically checks it.

Any idea if the “previously issued” field reflects total qty of any P/N against this MtlSeq, or if it is just when the original P/N is used.

I can easily imagine cases where you would, and wouldn’t, want it to.

Automation can only be automatic when you do what the program says (build it per job). So these situations when you are manually doing something, you will have to be careful to make sure the system says what you want it to say based on your particular circumstance.

Very true. But if you do a manual entry for an alternative part or an extra part, that could later affect back-flushing or mass issue.

I’m not trying to play devils advocate. Just trying to fully understand all the possible pitfalls when doing things “differently”.

Backflushing will issue the called for material (all of it), irregardless of that check box. So you want to be very careful mixing manual issuing and backflushing.

That’s one of the problems I have with people here…“We just want to decide when we get to it”, then you have to manually issue “We want it to issue automatically”, then how do you know what to issue?.. Round and round…

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Thanks. We don’t use backflush. Primarily Mass Issue.

And FTR the Mass Issue screen is very confusing. It’s not obvious that it processed, and our beginners tend to double issue.

YES!!! I don’t use it for that very reason. User feedback is horrible and I don’t know what it’s doing. So I don’t.

Anyone at Epicor want to tackle making that screen more intuitive? That would be AWESOME!

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In our case, the work requests the material 1TOR428 but in storage all the necessary pieces are not in stock, for that another material is issued that is similar that is 1TOR008.

It does not appear in the list of materials requested by the work, but it is reflected in the work material transactions.

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When we substitute (when the floor tells me), I usually change the material on the job, then let backflush do it’s job. But we are small enough that I am in control of all of it.

@CTapia what method do you guys use to issue under normal circumstances? All manual? Mass? Or backflush?

What do you mean by the Mass Issue screen? Does not show if the material was already issued? Here at the company it becomes more practical to issue the material in a massive way, the window shows how much quantity of material is necessary and how much quantity has already been issued before.

It does show you the info. Just not super clear. And the radio buttons to choose the view are confusing to first time (or irregular) users.