Issue with Creating a Drop-Down Menu in Kinetic Data Collection Using Application Studio

I am trying to create a drop-down menu called “Reason Codes” in Kinetic Data Collection End Activity. I have created a new layer called “Reason Code” and published it with customizations, but when I run Data Collection and go to End Activity, the drop-down menu for Reason Code does not appear. Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

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Just to verify… you created a layer on EndActivityEntry, correct? Not the base MES form?

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Go to Menu Maintenance → Processes.
Look for Menu ID PR00440(Maybe different in you case).
Name is MES(Shop floor). Add you customization there.

Thank you!

Yes, that is correct.

Does it show up when you preview?

It does.

Can you show a screen shot of your Menu Maintenance for that form?

I remember, I did something same for Start Production Activity.

For it to appear under MES. You should create a layer for Office MES first which you should publish here

Then hide current End Activity Button. Add a new button and hook on all the events responsible to this new button .And when you use app-open you enter your End Activity Layer name as well.

For ex.

This should do the trick.

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I do not see my customizations.

Good call. We have the same. New events that call the new StartActivity / EndActivity layers.

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Did you create one already? if yes and no luck, I would suggest to open Menu Maintenance from Kinetic Screen.

Just did two weeks back, it was fresh. :wink:

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It sounds like he created a new layer under EndActivityEntry.

What @itsme is recommending is… create a new layer on MES form.

There, you’ll need to create a new EndActivity button (and hide the old). Create a new event where onclick, it will open your new layer.

Save that layer, and add it to your MES (Shop Floor) menu.

So… you still have to publish your new EndActivity layer… but adding it to the EndActivity Menu doesn’t work. You have to use an MES (Shop Floor) layer with custom event to call your new EndActivity layer.

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Here’s a snip from my custom MES form layer… notice that the STOCK buttons are hidden (dim/ghosted)… and we created NEW buttons which call NEW events to open our NEW layers of the Start Production, Start Indirect, Start Setup, & Start Rework form.


Example of NEW events… notice we now have (2) for StartActivityProduction:

The MESControl… is the STOCK version. Our NEW button fires the NEW “btnStartActivityProduction” event.

Yeah, our customization was built awhile ago… forgot we had to go this route. I can’t say I fully understand WHY though. I don’t really understand why adding a layer to the EndActivity form directly doesn’t work in cases like this. We chalked it up to “just an MES thing”. But perhaps this is the case when dealing with any “Processes” vs dealing with typical “Menus”?

Do you have an understanding of the root cause for having to go this route?

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Not really, This was my first time fighting with Processes. Maybe they are meant to work like that?

However, this should be correct too on other hand. Under Base layer for example, End activity, app-open; system event doesn’t allow us to modify to enter Layer Name. So, even though we enter our customization under Menu items they are not being called off. Hence, this route is convenient.

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Thanks for your help!

I have another question; how do I add a dropdown for the main reason and another for the sub-reason?

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Thanks for your help!

Could you show what you have done so far? That will help to understand your issue more.

Search the forum for filtering combobox by another combobox. It has been covered. Below is one example:

Here’s another, which has a little more detail:

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