Job Complete/Close Parameters


I would like to jobs to auto-close as soon as we make 98% of what we were supposed to make.
But I don’t seem to find the correct “Job Complete/Close Parameters” to accomplish that. I added the code to the product group, completed all the operations but every time, I get the “This Job has parts in WIP” error message in the “Job Closing Exception Tracker”.


If you query the PartWip table, you can see what’s in wip. Hopefully that can help you sort out why the parts are still sitting in WIP.

Did you receive the parts to wherever they go? (inventory, or ship them?)

Yes, they are received, the table PartWIP is empty.

Dumb question, but are you running the Auto Job Closing Process?

Yes and it only seems to close the job when I made 100% of what I was supposed to make.

There are thresholds/tolerances that you can set somewhere. Did you find those?

Yes but I don’t seem to find the right parameters that will close my job when I made 98% of what I was supposed to make. What values would you put to achieve that goal?

Unfortunately, that’s about all the knowledge I have one those. Our transaction hygiene is incredible poor here, so I haven’t even attempted to set that stuff up. Hopefully someone else can chime in with better answers.

the parameters are on material and labor variances that are acceptable. if you are short on the completed quantity then i don’t think the auto will work. We run auto completion first then auto closing.

There is a process that i have never used called production yield recalculation that could adjust your jobs quantities and then completion and closing would work.
From Epicor help.

Adjust Job Quantities

Determines whether you want the application to automatically apply a quantity adjustment to a job that results from the Production Yield functionality. This feature automatically recalculates production quantities on operations that are above or below the original job estimates.

Why can’t I complete a job if there are parts in WIP?

Maybe a dumb question. I am not trying to close it, just complete it.

Job completion is supposed to signify that there are no more transactions expected on the job. Job completion is a prerequisite to the job completion process. If there are parts in WIP, then the yet to be performed manufacturing receipt is an outstanding transaction.

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Thanks Simon.

As I understand it, completing a job removes it from scheduling and stops showing any material demands. However it is still open and have costs allocated to it. This is the point when a cost accountant and/or might look at it and determine whether its ready to close or not.