Job Material - Serial Number Tracking / Entry

As we manufacture our assemblies, we hand write serial #'s from a few components on paper. The components have serial number labeled on them by their manufacturer. I would like to store these in Epicor and tie them to their jobs. We use the MES Labor Notes field sometimes for storing information, but I’m hoping their is something more purpose built.

One idea is to create UD fields under JobMtl table and do a customization for each type of component we want to track with the job.

Hoping the system has a better way to do this already. Any ideas on what I need to look into?

Have you looked into the out of the box Serial tracking on part maintenance yet?


I am currently, but it looks like that would tie serial numbers at the part/inventory level, which im not interested in doing. It looks like it might also generate the serial numbers, which i would then have to cross reference to the actual serial number from the vendor, sounds a bit extra than i would like.

Hypothetically, we reach into a bag and grab a circuit breaker part, scan or read the serial number from that circuit breaker part and enter it into epicor.

Just wondering if that scenario is possible or if we need to go both feet in and serialize our inventory.

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so you only care about the SN when you are adding that part to the job, not when you buy the part and receive it?
I havent used Epicor SN tracking enough to know for sure, but i think the SN creating would have to take place when the part is brought into stock. Probably more processing that is needed at that time for what you are trying to do.
If out of the box SN tracking doenst get you what you want, would a UD field on the JobMtl work? so when that part is issued to the job do a pop up to enter a value and write it to that ud field?

Yeah, the UD field is my only thought for now to keep things basic.

The limited experience I have with lot numbers (not serial) is that they both have inventory implications. Maybe someone on here can clarify.


  1. Enabled the Track Serial Number option enabled for FG & SFG Parts in Part Maintenance.
  2. Maintained Standrd Serial mask for FG & SFG Parts either SFG manufactured by Internal or external Subcontracting.
  3. Enabled Track Serial Number for Bough-outs in Part Maintenance.
  4. Bought Outs SN Format is Alphanumeric in Base Number structure.
  5. Will assign the Serial Numbers for FG & SFG through Serial Number Assignment and Inventory stored through Job Receipt to Inventory
  6. Will assign the Serial Numbers for Bought-Outs through PO Receipt.

Note : If Serial Numbers assigned by vendor, use SN Format is Alphanumeric in Base Number structure else assigned by your company use Serial Mask for Automated Serial Number Generation.

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