JobNum - Entry exceeds fields maximum length

Somehow one of my employees entered a Job Number in with 18 characters. Now when I try to make any changes in that job, it comes up with “Entry exceeds fields maximum length” and highlights the Job Number.

I already adjusted the size in the data dictionary, but I think it is with the Vantage program itself, not the database. When I look at the customization of Job Entry, the txtKeyField has a Data Format set to x(14). It is grayed out so I cannot adjust it. I’m not sure if this is the culprit or not.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

P.S. I tried connecting to ODBC and modifying the data through MSAccess. Too many indexes.

are you SQL or Progress? to that end… have you tried to just delete it from the front end and start over? There is an open source free query tool called squirrel that would allow you to write update queries in T-SQL to fix it, but i only recommend that to anyone really certain of what they are getting into.

I am Progress

if the system would let you close the job thru job closing and completion you could just make a new one as well.

We have tried to close it, delete it, modify it, etc. keeps yelling at us about the maximum length.

If you have a support contract, open a case via epiccare and request the FX_ChangeJobNum.r datafix for your version (8.03 Progress)

Unfortunately, I do not have a support contract. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or possibly the FX_ChangeJobNum.r program I could get from them?

Is it possible you could perform a mass update through the DMR (assuming it’s available with Vantage?) or an updateable dashboard to delete the particular job record?

dmt is not available to 8 and it still follows the same BL as the application.

I was able to fix it. I customized the Job Entry form. I added a textbox to the form, gave it the same data location (JobHead, JobNum). When I opened the “broken” job number, I edited the Job Number in the new textbox I created and then saved. That seemed to do the trick.

Thank you everybody for trying to help me.

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