Job scheduling


We are on 10.1.400.23. I have a job which I am scheduling with constrained materials. I have qty on hand for all but one of the materials.

It is scheduling it for two weeks from today which is the leadtime of the material i dont have stock of. I do have a PO receipt due next week but ATP seems to be ignoring it and not wanting to start the job inside the leadtime of the material even though stock of it is due to arrive before it.

If I change the due date of the PO to be yesterday which is within the supplier due date horizon it includes the receipt!

Has anyone seen this?



Resurrecting an old thread here. I am experiencing this exact issue with a few parts.

For example:

Need Raw Material on 2/5/2021
Raw Material PO Releases begin to arrive 3/5/2021

Rather than MRP using this late supply due to arrive 3/5/2021 to create UNF Jobs. ATP completely ignores the 750+ parts that accumulate in inventory starting on 3/5/2021 and begins to release the planned UNF jobs 425 days from today. (425 days is the raw material lead time).

It appears that since the Raw Material is to arrive late, MRP basically pushes the UNF jobs out the exact amount of days as the Raw Material lead time.

This makes no sense to me. I understand the Material is late, however, we cannot pull it it and it will arrive 30 days late. Any MRP system would just use the late material since it is the earliest source of supply.

Any insight? This is a show stopper for us and Epicor has been no help. They are just as confused as I am. Maybe even more so…