Jobs/Operations Only going to first resource in resource group

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to set up infinite scheduling for our plant. The issue we are having is that the operations/jobs are only going to the first resource. Therefore, the first resource in the group gets everything and the rest of the resources get nothing. We would like for the operations/jobs to be spread out.

As far as extra information. We have a resource group that contains all resources that can do the same thing. Within the resource group and resource we have calendars set to the company calendar.

Any help would be appreciated!

We are experiencing the same issue.

have you set up each resource as a finite resource within the resource group? This is a requirement for using finite scheduling. I would also encourage you to put a horizon on the finite capability. The idea is that the scheduling engine will schedule a resource finitely until it gets to the horizon and then it will infinitely schedule.

The other thing that typically happens is that when you create a job using order job wizard, it just looks to see the first resource. You need to run global scheduling to see the load for all resources.

So, we need to know a bit more regarding your set up and how you are creating jobs.

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The system will do that unless you have the resource set as finite and run scheduling with finite set to calculate, else it will run as infinite and only pickup the first resource.

Andrew Fagan

We have set all resources to finite within the resource group. At first, when we ran the process MRP this worked and the operations/jobs were split out to all the resources. However, we ran the global scheduling and that lead to putting all the operations/jobs on to the first resource.

We didn’t set a horizon. All the jobs were previously assigned to machines. They are now assigned to resources groups with multiple resources. Therefore, Epicor should look at them all and spread out the capacity.

What might we be overlooking?

We have now run it with a horizon and finite MRP calc on. This still lead to it all ending up on one resource and not distributing to the others that are exactly the same.

When scheduling infinitely, capacity does not matter. All operations will be scheduled for the lowest numbered resource in the resource group unless a resource is specified along with the group on the method.

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