Kinetic App Studio Change TabStop and/or Set Focus

I apologize if I’m just not finding the correct settings… I’d like to change the tabstop order on a Kinetic form (Issue Material in this case)… is that an option in Kinetic/App Studio?


Is it possible to create an onBlur event to force focus to the next desired field? If so, can anybody walk me through that process?

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Thanks, Alisa, for digging that up.

I attempted Brian’s “alternate” approach, creating some new text fields in a top level card… but I think the background events take over and focus still shifts automatically. I certainly can’t tab from one to the next in a nice sequential order.

I’ll have to keep testing.

Heres the link if you want to reply to Brian’s comment: Epicor Kinetic Ideas

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I did, and I would still vote if y’all want it changed, no matter the status on an idea.

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I Voted for the idea.

I did another test, adding some blank textboxes to a top panel… and they DO in fact allow me to tab through them sequentially.

The problem I initially had was epBinding each of them their corresponding original field… this started kicking off events as I entered values.

In this second attempt (and maybe you guys can help me with this)… If I bind each of my “custom” text boxes to the TransView… can I then create an event (perhaps onBlur of the last textbox) which would then parse all the TransView values to the correct fields on the form?

The risk would be an invalid value being placed in one of them which would cause errors… but I’ll battle that once I figure out if this is possible.

@dcamlin - Did you try dragging the original controls to the top level card? Does it let you do that?

Hi Dan,

Apologies, I was traveling over in Japan last week and just getting caught up.

I did NOT attempt moving native controls to the top positions. I think this would be easy to test, though, and see if tabbing would move from one to the next.

I was hesitant to move the native controls primarily due to Kinetic forms still being in flux and if Epicor changed their layout it would break what I was trying to accomplish.

I opted for creating new textboxes in a new panel card at the top of the screen. That way the form would still be “normal” except for my added panel card. For my case, I was trying to enable our users to scan in information with a barcode scanner. So, by not touching the original layout, it is still there in its original state/configuration in the case someone wanted to do manual entry.

My added textboxes at the top of the form allowed me to enter the data I wanted via barcode scanner and then I used onBlur events to move the data into the fields below on the original form. Worked very well.

Very interesting. I’m half-way involved in a similar project … though it’s looking like we may be leaning toward a handheld that runs an Epicor Mobile app… So we’ll see how it goes.

I like your idea too! That makes sense (if the tab stops work right).