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Aesthetic complaint, but any good ideas for how Kinetic in a browser shows on the Windows taskbar?

Problem is that if I have a browser window open for any other reason AND a Kinetic browser session, I can’t quickly distinguish them visually.


One thought I had was to use a trick of Chrome where you make a webpage into its own “app.” This is done using a “Shortcut” - see below.

But the problem there is that that “shortcut” window can’t have tabs, I guess. Any new “tabs” open in another normal browser window (with the normal browser icon).

Just trying to move my cheese back.

Hate to move your cheese again!! But Epicor recommends using Edge.

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Well, OK, fine, same question but Ctrl-H “Chrome” with “Edge.”

I mean they’re the same thing anyway.

Lol, my strategy at this point is probably going to be to use Edge for Kinetic and Chrome for everything else.

So I’ll have this Pavlovian misconception that this


is Epicor’s icon for Kinetic.

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You illustrated the thing I did in the original post.

Ta da!

ah… I suffer from TLDR just ask @Banderson

I mean, I did have pictures.

And if you want to add some security pizazz, you can modify the shortcut to open in In-Private/Incognito mode, disable extensions, or pick a particular profile, etc.

Where they shiny?

The pictures had letters on them… so I TLDR’d those too
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Well, no. Here you go.

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So, like I said, the shortcut thing is neat; I’ve used that for single-page sites. But for Kinetic, I want tabs, and I think it breaks at that point.

And speaking of cheese movement and profiles, y’all are going to start to see a briefcase on your Edge icon if you’re logged into a Microsoft Work or School account. This is in the latest Windows 11 updates.


That’s where I put all my cheese.

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I just saw that yesterday and got mad at my IT department for pushing their “Edgy” crap on me :joy::joy:

@JasonMcD , did you ever see the post (I think it was a post) by @timshuwy where he grouped a bunch of tabs?

Edit: I did not anticipate being able to find the post again.

Kinetic Tricks and Tips - Did You Know this? Google Tab Groups - Kinetic 202X - Epicor User Help Forum (


[Edit - I see your edit. That’s the one, then.]

I remember when that was a new feature in Chrome. I had shoved it to the back of my brain, though.

I mean, that is a really good tip, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t help the taskbar, right?

OK since I TLDR’ d the last time I’ll do one more that will hopefully be a little better.
Chrome now supports something called Multiple Profiles. This allows you to create a Profile in Chrome that is completely separate from the other profiles in your account (including extensions, favorites etc) this also gets a Custom ICon on the taskbar

  1. In Chrome Click on your Profile Picture Top Right and Click Add Under Other Profiles
  2. You can choose to use a google account, but in this case just select continue without
  3. Give your account a Name and select your Custom Icon
  4. Once in your new Profile Go to → Settings
  5. Click Customize Profile
  6. Select Create Desktop Shortcut
  7. Click → On Startup and Select Open a specific or set of pages
  8. Add your Epicor Home Page
  9. Close out
  10. Use the new Shortcut to Access Epicor

All tabs open within this browser profile will be grouped under that icon you selected

If you wanna get extra fancy create a google account and set its “image” to the epicor shortcut then that can be the icon that shows up on the taskbar.


This might actually get me to switch to chrome…

Very nice.

And thank you.

Jose’s solution works in Edge also. Very similar functionality.

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