Kinetic Custom Actions

In E10 we could add a Custom Action under the Actions menu from a Customization. Is there a way to do this in Kinetic?

I had the same issue. I conteacted Epicor support and got this reply:

 Hi Nathan, Sprry this has taken very long I have been researching but there is not enough documentation about inserting custom code in App Studio, I have asked Development directly now I am waiting on their response, I will let you know their input once I get it. Otherwise it might be good to reach out to consulting via wayfinder or use the User Group to reach out your peers (
Knowledge Article KB0071926 - Submitting a Professional Services Request on the EpicCare Portal (SOD)

Not helpful, I know. However. I did find a way to execute a custom action. I have a BAQ with a custom action build in. I used this BAQ to make a dashboard in Kinetic. In kinetic, use the … waterfall menu or whatever they call it, to find your custom action. I still can’t figure out how to make the custom action link to a button that I add.
Good luck!

I found an article that found something similar to the Custom Actions, but its using an Icon instead of the Overflow menu option. Still not quite what im looking for, but closer.

If you click on the Details Header → Properties → Add Tools (at the bottom). You can add a option with an icon to show up in different styles. You can add it to the primary toolbar, secondary toolbar, or to the overflow menu if none are selected. You can then create an event that hooks into that control.