Kinetic filter Drop Down List from another Drop Down List

In Order Entry we currently have a customization that filters the sales cat based on the product group using the following code in the FiltersAppend section: ProdCode_c = ‘?[ProdCode,0]’

We are trying to get this working in the new kinetic screens, but can’t seem to find a syntax that works. Has anyone else done the filtering in kinetic based on another drop down? Is there a new syntax for the filters?

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@josecgomez - I was all excited to see your name in my ticket in anticipation of a solution. Then I realized you only edited the subject line. I guess my drop down isn’t really pulling from another dropdown, but is pulling the ProdCode from the orderDtl table and filtering on a custom field added in the salescat table ProdCode_c and that I can’t get to work in Kinetic either.

We’re all in trouble :frowning_face:

haha sorry I was confused by DDL I will look at your issue as soon as I get a chance just got busy . This can be done in Kinetic

Try checking this out

Otherwise we can send out the bat signal @hmwillett !!! :pray:

Yes we have one and let me go find the post about it.

If you’re on 2021.2.x the help file has a handy helper titled “Component Reference and Examples”

@Randy beat me to it.
The link he referenced shows how I did it with a BAQ View–specifically in post #13.
It was a bit messy, but should be more friendly when they fix the where clause.

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To give you an example based on native fields like it sounds like you’re using, here’s one set up for Job and JobOp.

  1. Add your first combo. A very important (and limiting) thing to note is that you can only filter the combo with data from the same dataset! So if you bound your field to JobOper.OprSeq, you can only filter based on the other fields within JobOper. In this example, I just bound them to the runtime TransView.


  1. Set up the resusable combo section. If your combo doesn’t have something in the Type (some don’t, you will need to populate your own which you can see in my second combo example)

The filter I have here is just to reduce the size of my list. You can ignore it unless you have a need to filter your data too, then populate as needed.

  1. Set up your second combo


I wasn’t happy with the preset filters on the resuable, so I made my own.


  1. Here’s where you set the filter. It’s very similar to what you did in classic!


*** If you stick with the standard, resusable combo, by default it uses GetList (I changed mine to GetByID to access the JobOper table). It also sometimes comes with a preset filter. If that’s the case, ignore the rest arguments and move the Rest Arguments Params to the Filters Params up above.


I’ve tried all these and still can’t get it to work. It seems to be an issue with getting the ProdCode from the order entry screen with the FiltersAppend or the Rest Arguments.

If I add a FiltersAppend to: ProdCode_C = ‘OurProdCode’ it works with it hardcoded, but if I try ProdCode_C = ‘?[ProdCode]’ it doesn’t.

We did it this way on the old screen.

Take off the single quotes around ‘?[ProdCode]’

Also, you should be putting it in the Rest Arguments shown in the post above. I used the Filters Append to cut down the size of my list coming back with a hardcoded value.

Interestingly enough I went back in today and it is now working in the filters append. Not sure what I changed where, but I’ll take it at the moment…

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