Kinetic Handheld Forms?

Hey folks,

In 2021.2.8, I don’t see any Kinetic alternatives to the Classic handheld forms such as issue materials or report quantity.

Am I just missing them? Does anyone know how these are going to be handled?



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I’m pretty sure they are retiring the old handheld forms, and moving to something like Epicor Mobile Warehouse Management. (EMWW). I’m not sure how the licensing is being handled for that though. I know you have to buy new licenses for EMWW.

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Okay, thanks for the info. I wonder how customizable they are.

EMWW? Not customizable at all. You have the out of the box options, and you can run BPMs. But at far as an actual customization like move things around on the screen, you can’t do any of it. They have a way of adding some UD fields to it, but that’s pretty much it. We’ve had to roll our own app to handle some of the things we’ve needed to do because we couldn’t make the app do it. (to be fair, they are really weird, borderline dumb things because of the way “we” run our business…).

That being said, it does run pretty well, and it way nicer than the old handheld screens. Mostly it’s going to depend how vanilla you can keep your process.


Brandon can you setup custom scan sequencing on any/all of the screens so that it conforms so your own process/sequence?

Can you choose scan validation for all of the fields on the different screens or just some of them?

Can you use the scan incrementor on parts on the fly when making customer shipments or any type of quantity related transaction?

Can you increment by scanning part number and lot number since this is what you need to count when you are shipping lot tracked parts?

I ask because we are on an older version of Epicor and I am not sure if EMWW has changed at all since 10.2.500.

It is missing the ability to do these things and I don’t see how any of these are dumb and I highly doubt that your process is that “dumb.” Just venting a little here because I wish there was just a litttttle more flexibility in the app.

There are some screens that allow you to add in some special barcode parsing things and you have some options. But not all.

You can do this through BPM usually, although most of the time it’s going to be on submit, not on scan.

I think you can create new lots with the scanner, we default a lot of that stuff so I don’t think we are (But I’m not sure on that)

Also, EMWW version isn’t tightly linked to Epicor version. They are using rest calls and the version of EMWW can change and be updated on it’s own cadence. They do update fairly regularly and it goes through the app store.

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Thanks for answering all of those, especially the part about the way EMWW versions are released.

Some of these points I mentioned seem like they should have been thought of, even if they are trivial. When it comes down to it I know that we need to change our process in some areas, but I feel like in a lot of ways we are still within the bounds of best practice.

For example the parts on the fly are no different than regular parts in that both parts can be incremented using the UOM on the line… but why do parts on the fly not allow for incremented scans like regular parts? Is there really a business case behind this?

Additionally, for the lot numbering, we can create the lots without a problem I believe (haven’t actually tried this), but it is the shipping of lots that is difficult. Think about having many lots in one location. The order is for 10 pieces and there are 3 lots in inventory that you can pull from. In order to make the pack correctly in the system you have to create a pack line for each lot that you pick and increment the lot accordingly if you pick multiple pieces of one lot. Some type of quantity validation against the part+lot combo would be so helpful to ensure that the boxes we sent out actually have the lot number on them that we specified in the system.

There’s just some features that should be global like scan validation on all fields and also the ability to sequence the screens in any way that you would like.

Small things that make a big difference for us.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me.

The new Mobile warehouse app has Scan validation on Part, Bin and one other field.

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lot probably.