Force Quantity Scan for Report Quantity EMWW


We have implemented Epicor Mobile Warehouse two weeks ago and I am still ironing everything out, but going fairly smoothly so far. We have had several incidences where people have put in the wrong quantity and we have to make adjustments and kind of blindly catch these mistakes when inventory is off.

I see there is Scan Validation in the settings menu but they have nothing for quantity in the report quantity tab for the started activities menu. Has anyone been able to force users to scan a barcode to put in the number they want to report for the job they are on?


A barcode scanner is just a keyboard in sheep’s clothing.

Not sure there is anything you can do.

I’m not familiar with EMW but if you can intercept the data through some type of customization it might be possible to have special barcodes with a special prefix or suffix. But again, I’m talking out my hind end because I don’t know if you can do that.

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In the settings of EMW, they have limited options in which fields can be forced to have a barcode scanned versus being typed. they also have scanning sequences for some applications but not all where you have to scan lets say Part Num, Bin num, then quantity.

Customization is very limited in EMW from the end users’ perspective. No custom coding just adding fields/text by adding 4 UD columns to existing UD tables such as JobHead or PartTran. Even this still is only picked up by one of the applications in EMW even if multiple uses PartTran table.

I will try to reach out to Biscit and see if I can get any advice from them.

When it’s come to validating Qty inputs into any Epicor interface a common issue is that they scan the wrong barcode and scan something ridiculous. So barcodes can be just as danagerous.

Story Time:
-For a physical inventory once the Plant’s General Manager once accidently scanned a Tag Number into the Count Qty, yeah a few billion caused a variance, but luckily we had a dashboard that was monitoring the accumulated variance in almost real-time and we caught it a few minutes after the scan was made.
-In another situation, an employee scanned the Job number into the Report Qty.
-Material Handlers scan 12 digit Lot Number into Qty field while transferring

The best corrective action we put in place in most of these situations were BPM’s that performed a ‘reasonability test’ on the qty before committing the transaction. The ‘reasonability test’ would vary depending on the transaction context and what the business thought would be an appropriate tolerance.

That’s why those who use AIAG labels know that the standard for barcodes are prefixed with a letter in the barcode: P for part number, Q for quantities , supplier codes get a V, etc. and the reader checks to make sure one is scanning the correct code. It then strips the leading character and sends the value to the system. This is first cut but the reasonable test that Rick is talking about should still be performed.


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That is sort of what I did, All the barcodes have embedded data in them besides the Quantity so if they try to scan any other barcodes an error would pop up that it was not a number.

To fully implement what you are talking about where if we are in a quantity field or part number field, etc it would check for the first letter in the barcode to determine if the correct barcode was scanned.

Is there any easy way to implement this in the EMW settings? Or would a BPM need to be created?

I am going to be honest, I have not had much experience in BPMs/C# programming. These are things I plan on tackling eventually and learning just have not had the chance to.

With the limited capabilities of the Biscit client, I’m betting that’s what would be needed without
Biscit’s assistance.

Several unknowns there though, like what happens when the app gets an error or rejection etc?

We have it, but we’re not currently using it. I’m not sure I would be able to test although it does sound

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Is their a way you can skip scanning Lot# on mobile handheld?
It doesnt make sense if 4 lots are associated with one PCID.
It is a nested PCID.

So one scan should reflect all 4 lot quantities but Epicor doesn’t work this way, we have to scan PCID and one lot# everytime?

ANyone experience this?

Interesting… Is it because you have the lot number on there as a forced scan? I don’t remember the exact setting name, but isn’t there a way that you have to force validation with a scan?

Maybe you have that set up and so it’s forcing you to scan a lot, which doesn’t make sense with a nested PCID, but what else would the app do if it was a forced validation… IDK, taking a huge guess here.

I haven’t enabled any forced scan for Lots. But looks like it is a mandatory field that lot# should be scanned or entered manually beofre proceeding to be moved to STAGING bins.
Like most enterprise ERPs, it should be one force scan of PCID and qty should reflect SUM(Lot 1 + Lot 2 + Lot 3 + Lot 4).

But epicor says we need one scan for PCID, one scan for Lot#, one scan for Qty if you had to setup everything by Scan validations.

So do you think this is happening because you have to scan a lot?

Do you think if you didn’t have a lot number/lot tracked parts this would happen?

It wouldn’t happen if you don’t have lot tracked parts.
That is the easiest way.

But still you will need 2 scans minimum for one Pallet. One for PCID and one for qty.
Doesn’t make sense to me.

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I am with you though I think the overall thing we would need to point out to biscuit is the redundancy that isn’t supposed to be there because the PCID creation in the first place required the scanning of lots and quantities, right?

Yep. When you manufacture, you report it by PCID, Lot and Qty.

For shipping, it shouldn’t be that difficult. It should be a nested PCID containing lots and sum of qty of lots. Ideally it should be just one PCID scan and the mobile captures 3 fields (PCID, Lot# and Quantity).

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Ah, so what you are really asking for is for them to make a scan template for that?

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We created a BPM that is used on Packout and line that checked for amount entered/scanned is not > then remaining amount. This has helped in reduce miss packing and should catch something like what you are talking about.

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If you are scanning barcodes for the shipment is there a reason you would not use Auto Qty? This eliminated the entry of qty.

I will test this morning on the handheld if the BPM fires. My understand (Help me group) if you have BPM or functions in Kinetic, they will still get called when using the handheld. I will try this out.

Not sure if this is still an issue for anything, but we have a pretty simple pre-processing BPM on the ReportQty BO / Update method that blocks any “scans” > JobProd.ProdQty

So here’s a question regarding validating Qty’s entered and Lots.
Using Classic or Kinetic UI, BPM’s seem to work fine, but if the user is using Epicor Kinetic Warehouse, does it work the same? I’m not sure if EKW makes the same method calls when UI fields are updated, like changing the qty.
For instance, we have a BPM so that the user just has to enter the Part, Lot & bin and it prepopulates the rest of the fields… but this doesn’t seem to work in EKW. Just not sure how the EKW app interacts with the Epicor BOs?

This won’t work accurately.

Imagine you have 10 pallets to pick out of 20 pallets available in warehouse.
The shipper can pick any random 10 pallets and you will have to scan for the same reason to make sure those are the correct pallets recorded in the system.

What my fellow users here are saying is when you release something for Picking, it shows pre populated data on mobile and you can just process that without scanning.

We need scans and scanning is not efficient if you have lot tracked parts as it pushes you to Scan PCID, Scan Lot and then Scan/Enter manually Qty.

So 3 scans bare minimum.
BPM might not work.
Even worse, BPM executes something and you have to reverse it.

Don’t forget PCID data is erased in package control ID the moment your pick is completed.