Kinetic Message Handler works in preview but not when published

I have an event in Order entry that hooks into the AfterGetById rest loads customer data into a dataview.(This works had a text box display sample data). Then there is a condition and on the false side of the condition a slideout appears. The message is customer.comment. The header is Customer Comment. When I preview this it works flawlessly. When I publish and then run it I get “Customer Comment” in the message area of the slide out rather than the actual data. Why does Kinetic hate me this much? Anyone ever have this? Am I doing something wrong?

Just tested in both 2021.1.10 and 2022.2.9–both work just fine published.

How did you set up your message handler?

That looks fine.
Do you get the same results if you use Toast?

I have not tried toast. I will now.

Same result.

Are you using the new UX in the browser or via the client?
If you’re using the browser, try a different browser. If that works, then go back and clear the browser’s cache in the other one.

I cleared the cache as I do most of my development in the browser now. I also tried through the client just to be thorough and in client, chrome, and edge they all behaved the same.

Because Kinetic can be dumb… try creating a brand-new layer with just a button that triggers the message handler and see if you can get it to display the data properly.
If that works, then you may have to recreate your original layer (wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen that “fix” things).

It wouldn’t be the first time I have seen that either. I really pray I don’t have to do that.

That didn’t work either

For troubleshooting purposes, can you try it in a different like Part Entry or something?

Does the same thing in purchase order tracker when I tie in vendor and pull the comment

Okay–this is a long shot, but worth I try, I suppose.

Put these variations in for the message handler’s message:

{Customer.Comment} | [Customer.Comment] | Customer.Comment | "{Customer.Comment}"

Also, try using the depreciated dialog-show widget.

See if any of those yield results.
If not, it might be time to hit up support.

I am beyond baffled. It I have just {Customer.Comment} it doesn’t work
If I have {Customer.Comment} | it doesn’t work
If I have what you have written above I have
the Comment | [Customer.Comment] | Customer.Comment | “the Comment”

I have a support Case started. Looks Like I will need to have dev look at this.

Bizarre indeed!
If you’re able, it might be worth it to install a later patch and see if that works. If nothing else, try it in a dev server if you have one.

I will look into a dev server for sure. I did learn that “{Customer.Comment}” works it just adds quotes around the comment.

Which is what it should do, honestly. {Customer.Comment} should be enough to get you the data in that field. Adding quotes will, well, add quotes to the data in the field.

Okay, one more thing to try. Put this in your message field:


That worked!!! Please tell me what #_" "_# does/means.


That executes JavaScript between the #_ and _#.
It’s a hacky workaround. If you want to deal with them, you should still probably see what the real issue is with support, but I can totally understand if you don’t wanna touch them with a 10’ stick, lol.