Kinetic Print Screen - Client Printer List spinning

Anyone ever have the client printer list just spin and spin and spin and never load up the available networked printers on a Kinetic print screen? This happens to random users, randomly. They will get into the office, go to print something from a Kinetic print screen and the client printer list will never display.

They cancel, do a print preview, then print from there, but this is frustrating to them.

Any ideas? We’ve reduced the networked printers on the workstation to a minimum and rebooted machines, still sometimes this issue just pops up again.


Happens with us all the time. Some users are very frustrated because of this. Regarding networked printers they have to be set up in Epicor under Printer Maintenance.

Once we left it spinning all night, still no luck.

Vinay Kamboj

Yeah, it is super annoying. We do have server printers setup, but the server print button is nested on the Kinetic screens and the fastest button to click is the client printer.

I’m considering switching every Kinetic print screen back to classic.