Kinetic Updatable Dashboard Dropdown List Issue


Scenario: Currently working in Kinetic 2022.2.13 and I have an updatable dashboard that I’ve deployed into the Kinetic desktop client as well as Web UI. Both dashboards have two updatable fields that use a dropdown list, which is set in the BAQ’s Advanced Column Editor Configuration. One field using User Codes and the other a separate BAQ.

Issue: As the first video below will show, both in the Kinetic Client (Kinetic view) and web UI versions, the dropdown lists are not initially showing as they do in the Kinect Classic client. When the panel is collapsed and reopened, the ordered lists will work after the data is refreshed. However, content of the cells is not viewable unless selecting them. And then we get into the filtering. I noticed the dropdown filter selection in the column header is not present unless, again, collapsing and reopening the panel. Thinking this is just a bug, but I’m hoping someone can confirm. Thank you.

Dropdown list issue:

Column filter issue: