Kinetic Dashboard / Records Not Displaying / UD Sort Fields

Just a thing I noted today:

If you have a dashboard that works okay in classic, but doesn’t show any records in Kinetic, check the Sort Order columns in the BAQ. The Kinetic dashboard (at least in my version of 2022.1) chokes when there is a UD column in the sort.

I added some code in the data directive I have on UD04 anyway to write the number in the UD field to Number01 and then changed the sort in the BAQ to Number01.

I didn’t think about using a calculated field. That might work okay.



And the sort field evidently needs to be in the display columns list.

Known issue reported in PRB0246084

PRB0246084 - New UI Dashboard - BAQ that has a sort on UD field will not display any records in the New UI Dashboard.

Good. Thanks.