Label printers [bayes]


I did some system design and programming for a company that had Zebra
The printers were built like D-8 Cats and the drivers were bugless.

This company had three different models of Zebra printers. They printed
truckloads of labels every day, multiple sizes and formats. They
cleaned them once a month or so and that was about it.

We used BARTENDER from Seagull Scientific and as long as we used the
Zebra print drivers the whole thing ran great. (Subtle hint there!) We
used the serial interface and had good luck at baud rates of 56k to the
printer. At those speeds and for large quantities of labels (1000+),
invest in the auto re-spooler, otherwise you have a big mess on the
floor at the end of the print run.


I was wondering what others are using for label printers with
Vantage. We are implementing 6.1 and looking to be able to print
receiving labels, part tags, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mark Pavelka
Accu-Tronics Mfg. Inc.

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