Labor Distribution Issue - Multiple Jobs Run Simultaneously

We have a work cell that requires one operator to run three different jobs simultaneously. They are clocked into all three and earning hours. We cannot figure out what logic it is using to calculate the labor hours for these jobs when they were all clocked in for the same time. Our hope was that it would distribute labor hours according to earned hours where possible, so the efficiencies were balanced (meaning if the earned hours exceeded the labor hours all efficiencies would be 100% or more), instead we got greatly skewed values. See details below:

Operator logged 7.93 hours on 1/7/2020. Clocked into all jobs at 3:07PM, clocked out of all jobs at 11:28PM.
Job 629509 operator made 28 pcs for a total of 4 earned hours, 6.71 labor hours (59.61% eff)
Job 629815 operator made 10 pcs for a total of 2.86 earned hours, 0.52 labor hours (550% eff)
Job 629955 operator made 32 pcs for a total of 2.78 earned hours, 0.62 labor hours (448.39% eff)

Our biggest issue here is that we do not understand what in the system is driving these values. This issue is easily, but not consistently replicated. It does not seem to follow any job/part/operator and changes daily which job is stuck with a very low efficiency. Epicor support has been unable to identify the issue. If you have any insight to share, we’d appreciate it!

Thank you.

We had a similar question come up for an Employee clocked into two jobs at once using the same resource group where Labor = Burden is checked off.

If an employee is clocked into a job that spans the times dictated in shift maintenance, epicor subtracts that from the labor hours. See attached spreadsheet for the math. Remember to divide if logged into multiple jobs.

Copy of Job Labor Hours Breakdown (002).xlsx (10.6 KB)

Job 000234509

Job 000238135