Multiple employees clocked into Operation - Earned Hours

This may have been asked here before but my search isn’t turning up exactly what I’m looking for. If we have three employees clock time on a single operation and only one of the employees reports the labor qty (the others report zero), then the one employee gets the earned hours and inflated efficiency %. The estimated Prod Hours for the operation is 0.4 hours (24 minutes) and each employee clocks 8 minutes on the operation. The estimate to actual is identical, though the reporting employee gets 307.7% efficiency.
I have heard the concept of split labor or split burden but I’m not terribly familiar with those concepts or if they would apply here.
What are others doing to handle situations such as this? Suppose that having each of the team members report a portion of the labor qty is not our first option.

If you are doing “cell” type job operations this effect is typical. Then you may want to update your reporting to look at the job/operation efficiency instead of the individual employees.

If three people are assigned to a cell all day that that reporting is pretty straightforward, but if they have one hour in a cell type operation and the rest on regular individual jobs then it is messy.

That has to do if a single employee is clocked into more than one job at a time. Not so much the other way around.

There’s not really a clean way to figure out the efficiency % because you don’t really know who’s doing what. Depending of if they report their own quantity, or one employee reports it all is going to be a different way to calculate it. So you would need some sort of flag to indicated that you want it grouped together (which doesn’t natively exist)

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