Multiple Employees Concurrently On An Operation

I’m hoping that there is something simple that I’m missing with my Resource/Groups.
Our scenario for almost every operation is that we have multiple employees that work simultaneously on operations. For example, we have 2 employees doing packout of chocolates and putting them into a shipping box. So we expect them to produce 100 shipping boxes an hour between the two employees.
To test this, I have setup a job for 100 finished parts and 1 hour setup. For the operation I have two resources, one for the workcentre the job is being performed at, having 0 labour resources:
and I have the employee resource with crew size of 2:

Then we logged setup and production against two employees, 1 hour of setup and one our of production each. On of the employee production records, we recorded the produced qty of 100 against.
In the production detail report, the actuals for quantity, setup hours and production hours is the same, therefore, the expectation is that the Attained Standard should equal the Production standard, however, the production detail is showing attained as half the production standard:

The Eff. Pct is also showing 50%
Anyone know how to set this up so that the Attained Standard is based on the machine hours when assigning multiple labour resources to the operation?

Efficiency is basically the EarnedHrs / BurdenHrs (LaborHrs).
Looking at your report it does not look like Krasi Earned any hours.
This maybe because Andrew claimed the Labor Qty. I would suggest having Andrew claim 50 and Krasi claim 50 and see how that comes out.

This EpicCare KB Article might help you understand which fields are involved in calculating the efficiency:

It doesn’t appear to make a difference who reports the quantity, the rate is the TotalQuantity/ActualProdHrs which, if you have 2 people working, is creating ActualProdHrs multiplied by the number of people working.
It’s just interesting that Est Production Hours is correctly (in my view) multiplying the Job Operation Estimated Hours by the Crew Size, but the Attained Std (and Eff.Pct) are not.
I can easily adjust the report for the Attained Std, but it just baffles me why they are calculating it the way they are. I thought that the ‘Split Burden’ in the resource group should fix this, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all.

It looks like I’ve found the solution to this one. The ‘Split Burden’ only seems to have effect when you log time through MES. I was recording in MES then updating the hours in Time and Expense, which defaults Burden with the labour hours, regardless if it is the only resource on the operation or not. So, just dividing the burden hours there by 2 results in the expected rate.

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