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I have a baq with LaborDtl and I need to get a unique row. Basically, when they enter the LaborQty, I need the qty they are putting in at that moment. Any ideas on the best way to do this? Didn’t know if there was a LAST, like there is a FIRST.

Explain what you are doing, there might be a better path to follow.

LaborQty is in the LaborDtl record already. To @klincecum’s point what are you trying to do?

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I am using the baq to create a label. This is triggered with a bpm n when labor qty is greater than zero and certain user is calling the method. The last piece i need to get working is to get the qty amount the user entered onto the label. however, we have multiple qty for the same part–>ASM–>Oprseq–>OpCode. So, What I need to do isolate the newest line with the labor qty.

LaborLabel.baq (25.7 KB)


I could restrict the date to greater than or equal to todays date, but will also need to do the time that way. How can I compare the current time to the clockout time?

@Will79 If the bpm is on end activity you have the SysRowID for that record that you can pass as a parameter to the BAQ or you can just produce the label post processing in the bpm.

I use a bpm for start and end that post processing drops a file for our time and attendance software. That same process could drop a file for Bartender or trigger this BAQ.

The Data Directive is set for if the method is called by user AB and labor qty of the changed row is greater than zero, then auto print. I tried to add it the sysrowid for an option in the report designer so I could use it in the print options, but its not showing up. Can you explain how I could use the SsysRowID in this case?

@Will79 I don’t have any BAQ reports to use for this so I faked one up with your LaborLabel as the BAQ. I was able to add SysRowID as an option, but not a filter. In AutoPrint I set that to a string. I have no way to test if that will work



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Each Start/End Labor activity will result in a unique record in LaborDtl.

If you are trying to find the most recent entry for a specific job/part/asm/opseq/opcode/whatever you can use the MAX of ClockoutMinute.