Labour Hours counted for 2 employees instead of 1?

Hi all,

I have been informed recently that the labour hours for a job operation are double what they should be…

It seems we have two users with time booked against a job operation.

  • Employee A (Main Employee)
  • Employee B (Trainee)

Each of theses employees have booked 5.55 hrs against an operation and I have been told that in the past only Employee A (Main Employee) time has been counted against an operation.

However, recently both employees time is showing against the operation and as such the cost is double what it should be.

Can someone advise where this might be setup as so far I have not been able to resolve the issue.

Thank you


Hi Michael,

I am far from expert in this area, but I do know that when we have multiple resources on an operation, we need to set one of them to labor rate = $0 so that we only take the cost of one into account. Here we have need for a tech and a pneumatic test chamber. The PATech resource has a labor rate on it, but the test chamber does not. Is it possible you have two resources on there both with labor rates? Alternately, could crew size be causing you a problem?


The Labor Rate and Crew Size on Job Resources should only affect the estimated costs for the job. Actual Costs are determined by the Employee’s Labor Rate and the number of Labor Hours they applied to the job.

In order for the trainee to not count any cost against the job, their Labor Rate must be set to zero or they must not apply any Labor Hours to the job. Alternatively, you could build a customization where you use a BPM to set labor costs to zero for trainee employees, but that’s not standard functionality.


Agreed, this is a procedural thing.

  • Option 1: Have the trainee clock to an indirect code and not a job. Code could be for “training” or whatever and goes to a special GL since apparently you consider training to be overhead and not productive. (Not judging; it’s just a business decision)
  • Option 2: Clock to the job. The person really did work there after all.
  • Option 3: Jump through hoops and circumvent the ERP’s logic just to lie to yourself.

Yes, we do option 3 all the time. But I try to break people of that.

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It appears that Split Burden had been unticked on the resource group.

If multiple employees work on the same job operation at the same time, and you normally want to split the burden (machine) hours among those labor entries to more accurately reflect the actual machine usage, select this check box.

Thank you all for your suggestions…

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Ah, that’s a good point. That’s a different ballgame.