Landed Cost Calculation

Dear Friends,

We have an issue related to the calculation of Landed Cost. We import the material and in the whole process some expenses are borne before the reciept of material (ex. - LC Charges) and some are borne along with the receipt of material (ex. - Freight Charges, Customs Duty etc.). On the receipt entry form we had seen the landed cost tab but here the total landed cost value has to be entered manually and it will get allocated to each material.

We can enter the value manually but is there any way that we can come to know what is the breakup of the landed cost for each PO.

Breakup of the landed cost means

Landed Cost A/c Dr.
To LC Charges

To Freight Charges

To Customs Duty

Hope that I had been able to make you all understand the issue.

Thanks in advance for your support and guidance.


Sreejith J

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