Largest DB survey

Need some feedback -

Anyone have a huge E10 DB?
500G, 1.6 TB?

Yes those are real sizes from some customers - just curious how common for some follow up questions :wink:

Not quite that big, but we do have 304G.

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ours is a baby at 40G

Sitting up there with near on 1.2TB at last check.

Not the highest in this thread, but we’re hovering around 700G

About 40G without historical legacy system data.

150G with another 75G Change log

Of those databases loaded in Support, we have four over 1TB and three out of five are E905 databases.


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What percentage of the data files are not free space?

We shrink *every database that comes in-house and set the autogrowth to very small fixed size at a time so free space is almost zero.

*<-- unless the issue is for performance, and then we don’t shrink the data file as a rule.

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I used to think mine was the bigest one. but it is far from being. I have a 330 Gb DB.

Well you have room to grow then :wink:

Approximately 523.99967 Petabytes left. Imagine an E10 database that was that big!

Yea, just drop a pelican into the data center as you need. It’s crazy where data storage is at these days.

1152 3.5” HDDs per 52U rack - a raw 11.5PB @10TB Hard drives.
They have to control which hard drives are on at any point in time so as to not blow the circuit by drawing too much power.

Mark Russinovich spoke on this at Ignite. Jump to about 59 minutes into the talk to see ‘modern data storage’ investigations.

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Thanks @Bart_Elia - as the video started playing I thought it looked interesting, just looked up and realised I’ve been totally immersed for 75 minutes! It was a fascinating video! Mark Russinovich is awesome, Microsoft did well to recognise the value of sysinternals toolset and get him on board.

You’ll get the call one day, along with @Edge ! :wink:

lol, I’ve had a few videos on Channel 9 and some podcasts over over the years. Probably long rolled off.
NOTE - They like to ambush you for a few minutes at the end of a LONG week on campus abusing some new feature when you just want to get on the road home.

Wow, and I thought our E905 DB was huge and it was just over 200GB when I left the company.

Size is crazy these day. What’s the Azure limits? 750 cores, 4 TB of ram?

How does one with a huge database with large volume… Run FULL MRP Regen within 1-2hrs which is what an AS400 can spit out today.

We run MRP sometimes 9hrs.

MRP duration is not about the size of the database, but is about the number of parts, sites, open demands, open supplies, and BOM/BOO complexity. I’ve seen small DB with long duration MRP and big dB with really short MRP.

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