Latency and Epicor ERP10

Hi all,

I am quite new to the Epicor ERP 10 world. I want to ask about experiences with latency and time to load ERP10 and the user experience.

We are getting login times at 30-45 seconds. from our environment where we are accessing via a VPN. The local network login time is about 10 seconds. The ping times via the VPN is 100ms - 150ms. Local network is less than 10ms. Can anyone here let me know what your typical values are and at what point do you consider its a must for Remote Users to use Remote Desktop Services

I would strongly recommended reviewing the below post to make sure your users are not apart of the affected windows updates.

In the networking world I am not your guy, however that does seem abnormally long.

Have you tried a RDS server?

This would bypass the need for a VPN.

Have a look at your VPNs network configuration as some VPN clients will bottleneck the NIC to something like 10MB as where when you’re on site it might be 100/1000/10000 depending on the infrastructure

Thanks will review the post and the updates at the server side.

Hi Aaron,

Trying to isolate the issue before going down the RDS route. But yes, im waiting on the data centre to come back with more information on the vpn.