Launch Form Options question

Hello Group,

I am creating a customization where I am opening a report from the MES menu. I was going to open an ODBC report but in Vantage the Crystal Viewer won’t accept parameters. So we’ve decided to use a version of the Labor Edit report. However when I use the process.caller method on this I get an error using the LaunchFormOptions inside the Labor Edit report screen when trying to load the values I’m passing. The error says:

‘LaunchFormOptions’ is not a member of ‘Epicor.Mfg.UI.Rpt.LaborEditEntry.LaborEditForm’.

So my question is can I open a report and pass it parameters form a screen in Vantage 8? If so what method should I use? Is there some assembly I need to add or does Vantage just not support LaunchFormOptions for their out of the box reports? any help is appreciated


I tried adding some assemblies but no luck there. I am able to create a new launchformoptions in the MES screen, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something inside the Report Form screen. However I wasn’t able to use LaunchFormOptions in the job traveler form screen either, this is starting to look like it may not be possible?