Launch Task List from BAQ column (Open with...)



I wanted to know if it is possible to lauch Task List from a BAQ column (Open with).

I was able to launch Case Entry from a BAQ column (properties Like …).

For Task List this doesn’t work, most probably because there are multiple fields required to get to the right Task.

So, is there a way to make this work?


Yes, it’s possible! I’m assuming ERP 10 is very similar to ERP 11

  1. Find out the location of the “Task List” menu item. If you search for it, it should give you the path.
    You will need this to figure out the Menu ID for “Task List”.

  2. To get the Menu ID, go into “Menu Maintenance” (can search for it as well).

    Copy this Menu ID or write it down somewhere.

  3. Then go to “Context Menu Maintenance” and create or search for “Task.TaskID” or “TaskMast.TaskID”. If you have to create it, create it and then save the form. Then Create a new Context Menu Item.

  4. Menu Item Name: Task List
    Process Type: Base Form

Save the form. That should be it.

Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks @masuphiber for your reply.
I was able to launch Task List from a BAQ column but it was empty.
I still needed to select the right Workforce and corresponding task.

I think I wasn’t clear enough.

By right clicking on Case, Case entry opens and I can complete a task there.
I wanted to know if by right clicking Task Description (or Task sequence/ ID etc.), Task List can be opened with the selected task.


It looks like it’s even possible to complete the task right from your dashboard without launching the Task List according to @MLamkin.

Mark, @MLamkin ,

I’m really curious how this works.
I’ve read the linked topic but I need more details where to make the changes etc.


I did a quick search on UBAQ COMPLETE TASK and found this:

It might give you some ideas.

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On the dashboard where we did the Task completion, there is a button to launch the credit manager in the correct company with the selected bill to. The code for the button is in a customization of the dashboard itself. If there’s a way to open the Task List with the correct task, I would guess you could do it with something similar.

		var othsession = Ice.Lib.Framework.FormFunctions.SessionCache.GetCachedSession(session.AppServer, OrderCompany.Text, "MfgSys");
		LaunchFormOptions launchObject = new LaunchFormOptions()
			IsModal = false,
			SuppressFormSearch = true,
			ValueIn = OrderBillTo.Text,
		var othlaunch = new ILauncher(othsession);
		ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(othlaunch, "ARGO3008", launchObject);```

This was what I ended up doing that worked wonderfully!