Link quote to existing sales order?

Is there a good way to link an existing sales order line to a quote?

Link meaning the Quote/Line field on OrderDetail.

We have some existing sales orders (with jobs etc) set up. We’ve made these SOs in SO entry manually, not with Get Quote. However there was a quote made that we want the SO to link to.

I can do it in DMT, though this can change the part number on the SO line. (Many of our quote lines have part number “TBD”) And then I have to edit the SO line manually to put the part number back to what it was; DMT doesn’t appear to be able to change a SO line part number.

Is there a better way? Thank you

Epicor support confirmed there isn’t a built in way, only to delete the SO line and remake with the Get Quote function. And so it is either DMT or customization/BPM. I don’t feel like it is worth spending 2-3 days to code this… Sure would be nice if there was some repository for these kinds of things!


Prior to creating the Sales Order, you can go into the Quote and change the part number on the quote line (I know this works in 2022.2 since I’m implementing it now)… and THEN either push or pull the quote to a sales order.

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