"Linked Part" on Resource

On the Resource card there is a field for “Linked Part”, which must be a part in the Part Master. Is this field just a reference field or will MRP look at usage on jobs to determine additional need? Customer has a small rental sideline where this looks useful, but there’s no information/documentation besides an admission that it exists.

@Ernie , not sure if I’m correct, but your question tickled a memory that it has something to do with Maintenance module. Maybe there is something in the maintenance documentation?

Thanks for the memory… but no joy.

There IS the same mention of it in the Mattec MES Integration guide, but again, just an acknowledgement that the field exists, nothing at all about what it does or why it’s there, but further on the wording MIGHT indicate that Mattec uses it for some purpose.

The project isn’t starting for awhile yet (mid-November), so I’ll have some time to create scenarios and do some testing. Looks like folks aren’t beating down the door using this feature. I’ll try to remember to post what I find out.

Hey Ernie,

We don’t see a place where Mattec is using it. If I were to wager a guess based on its proximity to the Asset Number and Equipment ID, it would literally be the part number that asset/equipment ID was manufactured under. They mention tools in the help description. So maybe the manufacturing date and costs flow to the maintenance and/or Fixed Asset system. :person_shrugging:

But it has not come up as anything that Mattec uses that I can see.

Thanks @Mark_Wonsil… I’ll keep looking.