Linking Multiple Widgets in App Studio

Does anyone know what the deal is with linking multiple widgets to a single widget?
I have a switch that does things and I want them all to converge at the end to a single condition.
If I use the “On Success” behavior of one and hook it to the condition action, it works fine for that one case. However, if I take the rest of the cases and drag a link from them to the single condition, those cases never hit the condition statement.
If I remove the manual link, do another “On Success”, it just creates a new condition widget for that branch. I’d really rather have them all go to the singular condition, since they will all be checked the same way.

@hmwillett - Via AppStudio right now it is not feasible to do it in the way that you have displayed. What I would recommend as a work-around is to create a new event with everything on the right side. Call that event post the individual row-updates.

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Safe harbor and all–is that on the road map to add functionality like that?

@hmwillett We are collecting feedback on what our customers cannot achieve on the Event Designer Surface - this is one of the most common complaints. We will address it all at once (but not happening for 2021.2 for sure).