Live on E10.2.200.8; issue with System Monitor

No value to be added here. I reasonably know that code and am quite baffled. I’ll be curious how you can execute reports but not see the fact that it is running / ran. You have a good one there…

I had the same issue loading a fresh backup and doing the db upgrade
I changed the 5 to a different number like 1 and then stuff magically appeared. I changed it back to 5 and it is still working


Thanks @bw2868bond, you just saved me a ton of time with tech support! I feel like I did that yesterday at some point, but it magically worked this morning.

I owe you a beer!

Now to put out the other fires this morning.

I do have the same issue (within, (although my reports tab has 1 record), no new records appear in the reports tab… changing the History Data fields doesn’t work for me…

I’m seeing the same results while testing Changing the retrieval properties may have them show up sometimes but they go missing again at some point.

This is still happening in It’s rather intermittent.

We just went live on over the last weekend. This is happening for us as well New App server, New Database here.

Changing the retrieval properties “fixes” it for a bit

Hi everyone. It’s a bug which should be fixed in the update (unless it slips). The long story is that the Report Monitor UX was changed and the report history is now accessed via the History->Task Detail->Report Detail tab. The original “Reports” tab was left in place to avoid impacting users, but somehow a bug was introduced that caused the UX to only show 1 entry. The workaround is to use the new tab described above. Also, the original “Reports” tab is going to be removed in 300. Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem.


Hi Erik, thank you for the update, as reported, the Reports Detail Tab, does show the same information for me (just 1 record)

I’m following up. Thanks.

My story with this issue on No problems after I patched from .3 to .9. Just did a environment refresh yesterday with the intent to patch later this week. BANG, got this issue. Changing the report interval worked as a quick fix.

Note to self(as I had challenges finding this): SCR ERPS-95886 is for the retro of this fix back to 10.2.200. This will be included in the update due out this Friday (September 28th) on

Parent SCR is SCR-95886.

@aidacra, could you please provide the underlying PRB# and/or TASK#? Searching for ERPS-95886 returns PRB0095886, which clearly isn’t associated with System Monitor.

PRB0205037 is the problem number.


We just upgraded to and same issue - this workaround worked for now.

Now we can see the report runs - even though it errors out due to missing columns in the dataset, etc. Also have weird things going on in Purchase Orders - no totals, extended prices calculating…At least with this fix we can see the error on the cash receipt edit list report.

Thank you!

I am having this issue in 10.2.300.3 just letting everyone know. Put in a ticket with support.

Did you see the post above

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Maybe they only stopped populating it, and forgot to remove it. :wink:

Here is a screenshot of 10.2.300.3 and the Reports tab is still there.


Maybe he meant 10.3.300 … :wink:

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