Locating an EpiBinding Field


We are trying to make a Loss report which seemed fairly easy with the information that Epicor provides, but I am having trouble locating a specific EpiBinding field in my BAQ to provide me with the information. Our “Job Tracker” provides us with our “Estimated Total” and “Actual Total” which are defined within “SubAsmblyCostHours.TActTotalCost”. Does anyone know where this would be located within the BAQ Phrase Build Section?

Field Help gives us this;
Field Name: TActTotalCost
EpiBinding: SubAsmblyCostHours.TActTotalCost


The TLE/TLA/LLE/LLA (this level/lower level estimate/actual) fields on the JobAsmbl table should be what you’re looking for.

I have found that information but it is not matching what each job is calculating. I am looking for the information in this picture. Thanks!

Hmmm I’m not sure then. Those fields directly relate to the values on that screen on my version.

When the “DB Field” is blank in the field help, that means the control is bound to a data view (often calculated on the fly at run time). You’ll have to reverse engineer how Epicor calculates that value yourself.

Thank you for the response!!

The field description does give you the formula:


Does the field help for those fields show a DB binding? if so, make a calculated field in your BAQ using the fields from the formula shown.