Looking for a way to stop receiving to job if material is not issued

I am looking for a way to stop receiving to job if material is not issued. We have a process issue in that we can have a M part have an M Part all on the same PO. When receiving receives the PO they then go and receive to job for both parts even tho the part has not been issued to the upper part which causes it not to have the cost of the part roll up in the job. I am trying to see if a BPM would be able to stop the receipt to job if all the material is not issued.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

Yea a BPM is your friend here

can you provide any insite on the method because when i look at the table for all the data it is writing to PartTrans

I believe the BO is IssueReturn

Do a trace on a receipt and look at what business objects it’s using hang a BPM on one of those again if I recall it should be the IssueReturn BO

We took a different route and decided to customization the Job Receipt form(s) to display exceptions, similar to Job Closing. If the user was going to receive 3 of 10 units, we calculated the minimum number of materials that needed to be issued, and operations to be closed. The we would display in a grid the exceptions.

Did a trace and did not find IssueReturn BO listed which to me is correct as we are not issuing at this time and that is the problem. I do like the Ideal of a custom form showing the exceptions before the receipt. Can you give me some data on that process.

Adam can you give me a little more info on how you were able to do this.