Looking for Dev Guide for App Studio

Hi All,

Is there a Dev guide out there similar to the ICE Tools PDF that is 1000+ pages for Kinetic forms, App Studio, etc?

I’m only seeing the KineticICEToolsClassicUX one.

Thanks in advance.

Aren’t we all :stuck_out_tongue:

App studio is still being actively developed documentation is up and coming there is some documentation in the help and in Epicor university.


That was my thought. Just wanted to confirm with the community. Thank you Jose as always.

I attended a live virtual class for Application Studio fundamentals class from Epicor University last Friday. The instructor was Timothy Schilling and very good. He is planning more classes, also at advanced levels. The plan is to have level 1, 2 and 3 classes. I have already registered for the advanced class next month. Visit the Epicor Learning Centre for more information and registering for them.


Cross-posting this, since it was solved in the “Epicor Learning” thread, and yet when I went to resurrect the link today, the search turned up this first. So I imagine others will find this also. Anyway…

Instructions for getting to the guide are here:

But you have to follow them in the order that I spelled out here: