Looking for guidance on updating salary rates en masse

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I tried searching but wasn’t really finding an answer. My finance dept is requesting that I update everyone’s labor rate in the system. I think this was done by my predecessor using the DMT tool. I have a spreadsheet that has the Company, EmpID and LaborRate in the columns. I am very new to Epicor, but am somewhat familiar with the DMT, but am not sure what table or etc. that I need to connect to to run this against. I have access to test environment as well to make sure I don’t mess this up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Do you have the payroll module? If you do, then you need to update PrEmpMas. If not, EmpBasic is the table to hit.

Since your spreadsheet doesn’t have SSN (req. field for PrEmpMas DMT’s) I’m guessing you don’t, so EmpBasic should be the way to go.

I honestly don’t know if we have the payroll module, but I think your assumption is correct. I have this spreadsheet from how it was done last year by the previous person. How would I find EmpBasic in DMT? I can find “Employee” in there - is that the same? It did say columns were valid when I validated, but it seems it won’t apply because it won’t keep leading zeroes in front of the EmpID, which I think it needs to process. Any ideas on that one?

Yeah, “Employee” is what DMT calls it. PrEmpMas is “Payroll Employee”.

Gotcha, thank you! it looks like my only issue is DMT ignoring the leading zeroes now.

Are you using CSV files?

If so, pass in your zero leading strings like this:


and you MUST include the equals sign.

I tried xlsx, xls, and csv. I have not tried that string though, I will do that. Any ideas how to append that formula down a column of 300 employees? :smiley:

I only use DMT with Excel sheets that have every. singe. cell. set to “text” before I paste anything into it.

If I’m using CSV, I never let Excel touch it. Excel absolutely (and silently) corrupts CSV’s.

Personally, I have a query that auto-calcs labor rate changes that I built in conjunction with accounting. I feed that back into the system via DMT to update.

I’d like to automate burden changes too, but I don’t have access to certain numbers (e.g. machine footprint data) to run the numbers.

Like John said, once it’s in Excel…it’s :poop:

You could try to recreate it with an Excel function in a new column

=concat('=", your column formatted to whatever digits, '"')

Then copy | Paste Values over the previous column.

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Keep in mind (I’m surprised no has mentioned this yet) but labor rate, and actual pay rates are not the same field. Many places have a blended rate, where they basically just put in a shop rate. That does not affect the payroll rate, which only applies if you have the payroll module. Make sure you are looking in the correct place.

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