Any way for DMT to update payroll hours on a labor edit?

I have figured out how to use the DMT to create a labor edit on the fly but I can’t get it to adjust the “payroll” hours of the related LaborHed entry. The Labor hours adjust as they should but I need it to also update Payroll hours. Any way to do this using the DMT?

I’m sure that DMT is using the UpdateExt method; that’s not the normal method for entering time and expense. It’s equivalent to opening the T&E screen and entering data. The normal method is something like EndActivity, which probably has additional calculations on it to do some housekeeping like modifying the payroll hours that you might not want when editing job activity from an administrative standpoint.

You’ll probably need to calculate this explicitly and specify it on the DMT, or create a BPM to do the addition on the fly using the UpdateExt method. If you use the BPM method, you’ll probably want to have some condition to activate the BPM, such as an unused user-defined checkbox specified in your data load, so that regular T&E transactions won’t activate it.

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Just wondering which DMT template(s) you are using ?