Looking for recommendations on an Epicor reseller/VAR

Looks like we’re going to have a serious look into switching from Netsuite to Epicor… one of the biggest reasons is extremely slow/laggy performance of NS for what we pay.

In addition, Epicor seems to be priced better, as well as has quite a bit more focus on project management and manufacturing out of the box compared to NS…at least from the research that I have done.

I am looking for recommendations on a reseller/var to work with on this transition. I’ve talked to one who said they do not offer a “trial” or an environment we can log into and test drive for lack of better words… I really need to click around in there and see how it performs before I make this decision. Sounds trivial, but we’re getting 30-40 second page load times in NS and it’s extremely frustrating. Their support said - "Currently, we have tagged this as a fact of life and I do apologize if this is causing any issues in your day-to-day operations. " - there is no way that can be acceptable… so I really want to be careful in choosing a new system as far as performance. Hope that makes sense.


Hello Erik,

You can get a list of Epicor VARs here: Partner Directory | Epicor U.S.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an Operations Consultant for one of the Epicor VARs in the list @Mark_Wonsil points to.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no trial installations of Epicor available (I’m told it’s due to licensing restrictions). I would recommend that you contact a VAR and set up a demo… but before doing that write out some VERY SPECIFIC things that you’d like to see Epicor do. Be detailed, be thorough. Ask even more specific questions of the people doing the demo to make SURE Epicor can do what you need it to do.

That said, nobody anywhere can promise that any software package will or won’t meet a particular performance target. Anybody doing a demo will have their software loaded onto their local machine, so treat the speed you see in a demo with even less than a grain of salt.

Finally, the emerging Kinetic version of Epicor (which should be what you’ll be shown in demo) can be run directly through a browser for daily usage (which SHOULD remove one large point of performance degradation). The growing pains are definitely there but they are diminishing.

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