Lot charges

We are using 5.10 patch 113. We are attempting to use the RFQ module to
manage the quoting and purchasing of subcontract services. I understand
that the Base Unit Price is where one would enter a cost regardless of
quantity. I thought that this would add the base price + any additional
quantities maintained in the minimum quantity table in Price Breaks.
This seems to work somewhat as we expected if we select $100 per 100
pieces the quote unit price for the subcontract operation is $1.00 each.
But, when we create an ABOM and get details from the quote, the unit
price maintained in the ABOM for the subcontract operation is $100.
This makes our Costed BOM Report way over inflated. We would like to
somehow get the $1.00 into the unit cost on the BOM. Does anyone else
run into this situation?

Any help will be appreciated!