Lower Level (serial number) Tracking Not Enabled... When it IS

Our master scheduler has read the message in the context of our manufacturing shop, and according to him it describes our understanding of how the system is supposed to be working. We’ve tested serial numbers and they’re working the same way our live 9.05 system does. There is just the matter of disabling the message below; has anyone found a way to turn it off? Thank you, …Monty.


In our CRP testing of 10.1.600 (uplifted from 9.05.702a) our manufacturing operations are seeing this error message:

  • This site does not perform lower level tracking, serial numbers assigned to subassemblies will remain in status WIP and will be inaccessible to any other transactions unless you perform a job receipt using the subassembly.

However in Site Configuration it clearly states that we have full lower level S/N tracking enabled. Anyone seen this, or any ideas? Thanks!

OK so our master scheduler read the message text and he confirms that it is just a description of how we expect serial numbers to be tracked in our manufacturing. And in our CRP we determined that the serial numbers were treated the same way as our legacy E9 system. Does anyone know how to disable the message?