Serial number link to job severed

One of our users has changed the status of a serial number directly on the Serial Number Entry and now the job that was using it has issues.
The job was a repair using the same serial number in material and as finished assembly, now that the SN has a status of Inventory instead of WIP, the job is still showing the connection and on the serial number tracker it shows the job in the correct section. Going on Serial Matching though shows the error message “Job has no serial tracked assemblies.”
Returning material doesn’t work as well because the serial number does not appear on the available list and of course cannot be created. Operations cannot be completed as well without serial numbers.

How can we finish the job and have the serial numbers going correctly into stock?

Hi Valentina,

Can you just use serial number maintenance to switch the serial number back to WIP with the Job Data in there so that when you receive to stock it is available as a selection? Here’s an example of one of our repairs, our parent part number on the job is Repair and Upgrade-Pump and it is in the BOM too. If the data is setup for WIP w JOB info in it per below, the part number should be able get received to stock with selecting the serial number without a problem. the system will warn about changing the data, but you say yes to do it anyway. We don’t use serial matching… IDK if that will make a difference. I think you can select “Fully Matched” on it if needed, but i’m not sure what the implication is there.


Hi Nancy,

Unfortunately changing back to WIP even with the Job info did not work. Weirdly the job was still showing the serial numbers on the tab but trying to match them and going down the normal way to use them when finishing an operation was not showing them at all.

I have now changed the status to Adjusted (unassigned was showing error message) from the Serial Number Entry, completed the job operations with 0 quantity, and adjusted the quantity directly in stock.
The status Adjusted allowed them to be retrievable from the quantity adjustment so now they are where they are supposed to be.