Maintenance Module


I have a question about the maintenance module. Does anyones knows how we can setup an auto approval process for maintenance request? I tried to create a post-processing BPM that change the request status from “Pnd” to “Aprv” but this trigger the following error: “invalid status”.

Thanks for your help.

I would tracelog the activity of changing the status and see if there is a BO Action you can call to change the status using the BO widget in the BPM. That would allow the system to take care of any other housekeeping involved with status changes.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer. It’s a good idea and I will try it for sure.

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Sorry to hijack

Im currently looking at implementing Maintenance, hwoever it appears quite a administrative burden for the engineers - jobs have to be released and engineered in Job status, Jobs are not scheduled, and then closing off each job in MES and on the Maintenance JOb ‘resultion’ all seems like too much

Has anyone vastly reduced the admin load for maintenance?