Make Direct Sales Kit

Hey I know that sales kits are by nature not able to be make direct. Let me explain…
We have some customers who prefer to buy a single line item. Historically, we’ll make a custom BOM just for this customer and put everything in it. No problem. But wait… in many cases, if we had written the order up with several lines, each line might go to a different product group… those product groups then point at different GL accounts. So we end up with the dollars going into the wrong buckets. This can affect commissions and skew the margin analysis, etc.

So we decided to try sales kits because we can sell 1 line and have it look like multiple lines on the back side. That works, but it only creates stock jobs and we are primarily an engineered to order shop. So it’s causing confusion now that our jobs are not linked to orders. I understand it, but I eat sleep and breathe Epicor all day every day. Any suggestions for a “make direct” line on a sales kit? Is there a different way to achieve our goal?