Manufactured at one site, but shipped from another

I’m trying to get the process down for manufacturing an item at Site A, but shipping it from site B.

  1. On the Order
    1.1 The From (on the line’s Release tab) is set as Site B
    1.2 The Make Direct and Buy to Order boxes are both cleared

At this time, the part shows up on Site B’s Time Phased Material(TPM) reports as demand (for the Order) with no supply.

  1. Site B creates a Transfer Order to Site A

At this time, the part shows up on Site B’s TPM reports as demand, and with the supply(from the TO). Site A’s TPM shows the demand(from the TO).

At this point I’d have thought that one would launch Job Manger (from Site A) to create the job to fulfill the demand for the TO. But Job Manager (from site A) shows no demand for the part.

I know I can create a job for the part in Job Entry, but I’d like Job Manager to the starting point.

Is there a function similar to Purchasing’s “Generate Suggestions”, to generate job suggestions?

Hi Calvin,

We use process MRP checked on part plant setups, run nightly, and have the part master setup as manufacture on Site A plant and then as transfer on Site B plant. We get unfirm job suggestions on the Site A plant to manufacture part to stock, transfer suggestions to transfer to Site B inventory and then send off on sales order from Site B inventory.

You need to be careful about the transfer, as when job is not financially closed and transfer is made, I think that the cost of the part to inventory might be estimated.

I don’t think you’d get unfirm job suggestions unless you ran MRP.


Thank you Nancy, but we don’t run MRP at all.

We’re a small organization, and being multi-site is brand new to us. The same person that creates the Order, also does job entry. I’ll have him:

  1. Enter the order line as Make Direct, with Site A as the source .
  2. Create a Job for that line.
  3. Un-link the job from the SO demand
  4. Edit the Job to add Demand to make to Stock (in Site A)
  5. Edit the SO Line, clearing “Make Direct” and “Buy to order”, and setting the source as Site B.
  6. Create a Transfer Order from Site A to Site B

I was hoping for a smoother system, but that will work for us.

Thanks for the heads up on the potential cost problems if job mtl isn’t issued prior to TO shipment.

Sales Order Entry

  1. Release entered as Make Direct From Site B

Job Entry (Site A)

  1. Create Job with Make To Order demand link
  2. Change Production Qty to 0
  3. Click Yes to Quantity Warning
  4. Change Pull From Stock Warehouse to Site B Warehouse
  5. Change Our Pull Qty to Production Qty
  6. Create Make To Stock demand Link to Site A Warehouse
  7. Engineer, Schedule and Release Job. Set Final Operation to Auto Receive or complete Job Receipt to Inventory after Time and Expense is entered to receive to Site A inventory.

Transfer Order (Site B)

  1. Create Transfer Order for part from Site A to Site B

Transfer Shipment
2. Create Transfer Shipment of part from Site A to Site B

The magic is the double demand links on the Job Entry. The Make to Order demand link ties the Job to the Sales Order Line and tells Customer Shipment that even though the Release is Make to Order, the part will be pulled from the Site B Warehouse instead. The Make to Stock demand link tells Auto Receive (or Job Receipt to Inventory) to receive the part to Site A Warehouse, where Transfer Shipments move the part from Site A Warehouse to Site B Warehouse.

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