Transfer Order functionality

My Plant A has a job “A1” that requires the production of a part by Plant B. A Transfer Order is created for the part.

Current practice is to set up a job in Plant B as a “Make to Job”, and connect it to job, asm, and mtl of the job in Plant A. Production takes place, the supply job is completed, but not closed. A Transfer Order shipment is done by Plant B which draws the bin negative as no receipt was made to inventory. Plant A then receives the Transfer Order.

When I look at all the Transfer Order documentation on epicweb all I see is that they are strictly shipping from inventory. There is no information on how to process Make to Job.

I tried to create a supply Job in Plant B and link it to the Transfer Order from Plant A, but as our transfer orders start with “TO” epicor errors out on a non-numerical value. Also Job Manager in either plant shows demand for the part, but no source for the demand, so I can’t build a link there.

What is the proper approach?



You cant link a Job to a TO directly. you will need to make that supply part to stock then create a TO shipment to ship that part from stock to the other plant. Then you will do the TO receipt and put that part into inventory. The supply part will then be available to go to your job in Plant A

Thanks Craig!

I just found this post: Part Transaction type 'MFG-PLT'?

I have some reading to do…

Well, you can. It’s kind of magic.

Edit - to be fair @psiebers this is maybe not exactly the same as how I read your scenario.

We do a make-direct to transfer to stock (MFG-PLT and PLT-STK).

Sounds like you want make-direct to transfer to job (MFG-PLT and PLT-MTL).

So you may have to tweak what I have done.