Manufacturing Suggestions


Your thought is correct but you're looking in the wrong place. When you
Process MRP Vantage will create a job with the status of unfirm to create
more of those parts. It does not show up as a manufactured suggestion, it
actually creates the job. To find jobs created by the MRP module and still
unfirm go to job entry, click on the search button and then sort by Unfirm.

Hope this helps,


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Sent: Friday, July 07, 2000 9:52 AM
Subject: [Vantage] Manufacturing Suggestions

We are on 4.00.811 and use the MRP module. I am trying to develop a
min and max for use on certain part numbers. I thought that if a
stocked part number fell below the minimum, I would receive a
manufacturing suggestion to build enough to bring the part number
back to at least the min level, but this is not the case. Does anyone
have any input on why the manufacturing suggestions do not work for
inventory levels below minimum.


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