Mark PO Receipts as invoiced

During our migration from V8 to E10, we had to upload (via DMT) PO receipts that had occured in V8 into E10, so AP Invoices could be entered for items that were received in V8, but weren’t invoiced until we were in E10.

After the PO Rcpt upload was done, the QOH’s were corrected with Qty Adj’s. After a month or so, Accounting realized they didn’t really want all those receipts entered, and did some Journal Entries to clear out the accrued AP acct.

So at this very moment, our QOH’s and GL are correct, but we have a few hundred PO Receipts that are not invoiced, and keep showing up on reports.

How can I mark these receipts as invoiced, without creating any Part or GL transactions?

I tried using DMT to just setting the Invoiced field of the RcvDtl, RcvHead and the Combined Head and Detail, but it doesn’t update the Invoiced field of either the RcvHead or RcvDtl tables

Any help would be appreciated

Never mind. Setting the Invoiced flag via DMT does work. I was testing this on the TEST db, but looking at results of a query of the LIVE DB.