Not Able to Pay AP Invoices DMT'd in


We recently DMT’d some AP invoices for a new Company we just added to Epicor. Not sure why but we’re unable to use Payment Entry to pay any of these invoices (invoices are marked as posted). When I attempt to put in the invoice number I get an “A valid invoice is required.” error message.

No general ledger transactions occurred from the DMT which may be a first for us. Could this be why we’re unable to pay the invoices? Any help would be much appreciated, I’d rather not have AP go crazy with trying to redo things manually if I can help it.

So what happened was that the AP invoices were DMT’d with Posted = TRUE. This caused them to be posted but with no GL amount being recorded. Because of this, they wouldn’t pull to Payment Entry. We’re going to have to do a EpiCare data fix that’ll make InvoiceBal = 0 to correct this. Thanks anyways.