Mass Receipt, accepting specific PO Lines against a set criteria

I have an issue I need to solve concerning Mass Receipts. We would like to receive in mass PO Items that have a Unit Cost greater than $0. If there are any PO Line items with with a $0 Unit Cost, those should not be received. This sounds easy enough, however I’ve only been able to see this work as an All or Nothing behavior.

I’ve been able to stop the Mass Receipt using a Data Directive, In-Transaction process … however, this doesn’t allow the ‘good’ PO Lines through.

Is this possible using the Mass Receipt functionality? Obviously, receiving PO Line item regularly works fine, but the Mass Receipt functionality seems to work differently. I’ve even seen where I can raise and exception … but it will still receive the $0 Unit Cost items.

So, is the Mass Receipt functionality an All or Nothing process or can PO Lines be selectively received?

This sounds more like more of a purchase order entry stage problem, if they don’t want the lines received yet don’t put the lines as open on the Receipt.
Alternatively, stick a filter on the Mass-Receipt screen and only show lines greater cost than 0 and just manually select the lines?

I haven’t looked at the Mass Receipt functionality in some time, but as I recall there are 2 or 3 different BOs in play depending on which buttons you click… and if you don’t want the receiving crew to actually have to look stuff up this is probably going to be a nightmare.

You mention “all or nothing”… and the entire point of Mass Receipt is to do everything in sort of a “batch” mode (for those of you that remember that term). That means each receipt line is not really processed individually in the sense that it will be easy to strip them apart.

Hopefully I’m wrong and a smarter person can see the glimmer here…