Mass receive multiple purchase orders on a packing slip

Our users are spending a ton of time receiving orders. Our vendor will send us packing slips with 100’s of line items on different purchase orders. The receipt entry screen only allows a mass receipt of one purchase order per packing slip, then you have to receive line items one by one.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this could be sped up or changed?

you can try below:
> New PackSlip without PONum, only enter Supplier ID and save;
> Then Go to Actions Mass Receipt, Now you can select multiple po,
Or you can quickly add PO via excel Copy & paste in Lines> List sheet, similarly, you cannot have PONum on your PackSlip Header.



This worked perfectly. I had no idea you could do a mass receipt without entering a PO. Thank you

Holy crap would you look at that!

can you believe it? I feel so bad for my receiving department, been doing without for 3 years :expressionless: